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[attention] [07 Dec 2004|03:01am]
[ mood | awake ]

Anyone who knows anything about DJing Equipment... I have a few questions for you...
1. Do you know of any places around here (Raleigh or VA) that are good to get equipment from?
2. What equipment should I look at? (What's a complete no-no, and what are brands that are awesome?)
3. Any input/info you'd give to someone looking into this sort of information that you'd recommend?

It's in my thoughts right now, and yeah... along with r1ch1e's. He and I have a plan. A plan of TWINKIE DOOM!



ps. Thanks in advance.

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[27 Jul 2003|12:37pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Pam is a Human-Sized Moth that is in League with Dark Forces, carries a Ray Gun, controls Human Thought, and has Four Sets of Teeth and a Computer for a Brain.
(Strength: 3 Agility: 6 Intelligence: 10)
Unleash your Giant Battle Monster.

I have a ray gun, and a computer for a brain. ;)
Sonny left his Mortal Combat game running... and he forgot to pause... now his ass is getting kicked... -shrug- Oh well. I also noticed while I was lying on the floor...

Hanzel und Gretyl's 9d Galactic Center

is on the Mortal Kombat movie [stupid movie, good music selection -- imo]. Anyway.

Friends-only post to come :D

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[texas #15] [11 Jul 2003|12:35pm]
[ mood | content ]

Ok, so I don't have time to really chatter and update, but I will tonight or something before I go to bed...
We're back from Rockport...
Char and I made up... we talked, and... well... she and I both feel like our friendship has sort of... washed out... but... that doesn't mean we can't be friends -- which is good obviously.

I still love her. But the relationship is different than it has been the past two years. We've both grown seperate ways and it's good I guess..

It's kind of sad. But I'm glad that we're changing. That's healthy. Not changing is sort of... bizarre. :)

Otherwise... I really miss Anjle[strangeasanjles], Kenny[elitegrunt], and Nick[jclookslikeme] :/

I get Sunday around noon at the airport... do any of youuuu want to seeeeeee me, lack of communication is saddening, whee...

Especially when you feel like someone doesn't want you to be here... but I don't feel like that anymore.

! Got a new sketchbook !

And I'm also getting that Buzz Lightyear purse tonigh or tomorrow :) I'm enthused.

Love you guys!

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[05 Jun 2003|08:12pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

Friends change. Sometimes for the good. Sometimes for the bad.

When it's for the latter... if they're good at hiding it... they can be mean to you but "not mean it." But if you look them straight in the eyes, their "front" breaks, and you can see straight through them.

For some reason I've been feeling that way about a certain person that keeps... falling. Their actions as a friend aren't as they used to be. I loved them so much, but they're changing for the worst....

Come back :'(

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[prom? prom] [13 May 2003|09:20pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Got some shizz to alter my outfit for prom. I am going, and I will be cute ;)
I purchased a weird pink fuzzy rug to make into a purse -- it's the same material as fuzzy purses are, har.
Some neon pink tuelle, and some black tuelle, rexlace, and thread. Whee.
On Thursday or Friday, I need to purchase some neon pink/magenta synthetic hair for Anjle[strangeasanjles] to do my hair on Friday :)
Saturday I'm going to go get pict0rz done. Whee.

Hopefully all of this can be completed within a few days ;)

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[SPOOKIE POOPIE] [28 Apr 2003|07:42pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Lee Lee[pinkhidespider] and I are working on a site together, wheeee :)

Spookie Poopie

Nothing is up yet, really.
SOoooOOoon XD

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[nothing too fascinating] [26 Apr 2003|05:48pm]
[ mood | drained ]

The week went by far too slowly. Yesterday was rather enjoyable though.
I spent time with Holly[hollyspirit]. Strange, isn't it? We had a lot of fun. The two of us hung out for a while, and basically had a "girls night out" kind of deal. At one point we stopped at Stoney's house to say hey, then we went back to her house, and fell asleep while watching The Ring.
Fun times.

Going to update for Nny[elitegrunt] :/ Blarg.
[update On Kenny's journal : Not letting me log in... so... anybody that reads my journal + his, he probably wont' be online at least until May 30th. So yep. Whenever I talk to him next, I'll inform him of the login problem, and perhaps I have incorrect information. K. Bye bye.]

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[13 Feb 2003|04:16pm]
[ mood | Grr-y 'cause pan wants 2 c VSB ]

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day.

[insert a disgusted look here]

We're making valentines in German class -- I can deal with that. For amusement during the valentines project, I'm bringing in some music...
Just not sure what yet. I have to go through my collection and find some stuff thats in German and appropriate for school. Blah. I don't feel like debating with myself wheter or not it would be... I mean, the only people that will ultimately understand would be like... six people at most.
*Frau Hartzog
*August [maybe]
*Myself [maybe]
No one else would pay very close attention to it. So yeah.

I've also got to gather some supplies for art class. I'm working on a large piece of dry-wall sheet rock stuff...
So far it looks really *fucking cool*. I'm excited. Afraid I'm going to screw it up though. Getting ideas. Tossing out some that are dumb. I have part of a broken motherboard on it.. I think I'm going to rip it off... it doesn't flow with what I've got going... maybe later I'll put it back, who knows?

Since I had all of the work that was due in Computer Math... plus the assignments we're doing tomorrow I'm assuming... I got to leave class after like... fifteen minutes had passed rock.
Took a quiz in the class today. Oh my god... I don't think I've ever taken a quiz that was so ridiculous in my life. I got a 100... and I'll get a 100 again tomorrow on the identical test....
T&&T=T T||T=T !T=F
T&&F=F T||F=T !F=T
F&&T=F F||T=T
F&&F=F F||F=F

Basically that identical chart.
Yeah. Ok, so I was bored, so I put the crap you didn't want to know, in.
I don't think I can go see Void Stares Back tonight.
I am one very sad panda :(
Sorry Mars[starplucker]... please still be my pal[!!!!].... -sigh- AND... you should know that I've wanted to see you guys perform well... even before Edna had joined, I'd wanted to see ya do somethin ^^
I wish you lots of luck tonight [hugs for Marshall]
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I'm not funny, you're funny[!!!] [07 Feb 2003|11:30am]
[ mood | amused ]

Holly[hollyspirit] amuses me so much sometimes. This is taken from her journal :
[read: this is in reference to the cheap hotel we stayed in for the party]

Where do you want your honeymoon:

in a shitty hotel like the cerca del mar with a broken bed and cum stains on the sheets..red wine spilt on the sheets, post it notes on the back of the door, a red dog bottle behind the toilet, bag of trash in the tub...or like...Venice or something =D

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[06 Feb 2003|04:17pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Pook-a. Das ist nicht so gut. Ori[industragthchik] könnt nicht im die Club am mein Geburtstag gehen. Ich bin nicht sehr glücklich. :[

Sometimes, I wish I could just stomp on mean people's faces. Keep your nasty mean thoughts to yourself. >:[

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[22 Jan 2003|03:07pm]
Finished my painting today in art -- I actually think it looks kinda good... from far away... I added three magenta birds... ;o Heh. They're really fluffy and cute. One's flying.
I think I'm going to write some more today...
I like to write.
I drew a lot today too...
All for other people, wow I'm so nice.
They're talking about us missing the next two days of school -- I hope that this idea comes true. I want another four day weekend, damn it... heh heh.
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[16 Jan 2003|06:37pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Nice white snow covered the ground, and all was quiet.
In the distance I could faintly hear other people outside, rejoicing about the snow, excited that it was here [again].
If you listened really closely at first, you could hear the icy snow falling onto the grass, making a very quiet snapping noise as millions of flakes all hit the ground at once.
Unfortunately, the beauty has worn off, and the roads have turned to slush.
I'm out of school. But that really doesn't matter... I just got to sleep longer than I usually do on a weekday.

Last night my grandpa died in his sleep.

Enjoy your snow day everyone.

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[i want you to be happy] [08 Jan 2003|12:13am]
[ mood | worried ]

I love you.

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[stolen from the ever-loved Mars{starplucker}] [31 Dec 2002|01:52am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Ten bands you've seen live/want to see live:

Have seen:
~ The Crüxshadows [x2]
~ Bella Morte [x2]
~ Mindless Self Indulgence
~ Spice Girls
~ Apoptygma Berzerk
~ Beborn Beton
~ In Tenebris
~ Bail Out
~ Heaven Falls Hard [x4 or something]

Want to see:
~ The Cure
~ Nine Inch Nails
~ Tool
~ VNV Nation
~ Tori Amos
~ Yendri [like that'll ever happen... blah to his being shy]
~ Zeromancer
~ Feindflug
~ Radiohead

Nine things you're looking forward to:

~ Seeing Kenny[elitegrunt] again :)
~ Graduating
~ Hanging out tonight at Nick's
~ Getting a job
~ Seeing the Crüxshadows again
~ The end of this semester *yes!*
~ Making my own comic
~ Making my own STUFF... damn it... :D
~ A certain... goal :D

Eight things you wear daily:

~ The bracelet that Carolyn gave to me [NEVER comes off]
~ Undergarments
~ Shirt
~ Skirt
~ Striped Stockings or fishnets
~ Boots
~ A purse
~ Collar or necklace

Seven things that annoy you:

~ People who always ask to borrow my boots
~ Slipknot "goths"
~ Goth dancing
~ Getting my makeup smudged
~ Forgetting html tags and whatnot
~ Bad grades
~ Arguing

Six things you touch every day

~ My hair [going to fucking shave it off damn it, no more pigtails... BAH]
~ A keyboard
~ A pen/pencil and my sketchbook
~ Clothes
~ Whomever I'm around
~ Kyoot ikle animals ... if they're around :D

Five things you do every day:

~ Wake up
~ Listen to music
~ Sing
~ Groove
~ Be... myself

Four people with whom you want to spend more time:

~ Kenny
~ Charlotte [& family]
~ Corey[tinhalo]
~ Close friends

Three movies you could watch over and over:

~ Requiem for a Dream
~ The Nightmare Before Christmas
~ Spice World!

Two of your favorite songs at the moment:
~ The Crüxshadows - "Walk Away"
~ Yendri - "Life is Sad"

One person with whom you could spend the rest of your life
~ Meeee!... I think ^^;;;

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[incessant ramblings #892374238904] [31 Dec 2002|01:24am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

{{{ ORI![industragthchik]... :( Did I leave my postal goggles at your house? Along with that velvet peasant top thing? Grr grrr... because I know I'd left the shirt there before, but I can't find my goggles with the stars on 'em now :[ Blar. If so, I'll just get 'em like... on Friday when the two of us are supposed to hang out with Corey[tinhalo]. BloOp.. k, your portion of the entry is over now :D <33333333 }}}

Anyway! Today is New Years Eve. I'm supposed to be excited about this... and you know what, I AM... know why? After this week... I'll have like... THREE WEEKS left of this bloody semester, then I'm outta there, kapoo-ey... blam... GOODBYE ALGEBRA II!
Kathy [Ori's mum] says that I should re-take it in summer school... but I'm a loooserrr, I can't GRASP math, I'd have to retake Algebra I in order to pass Algebra II I think, since... I don't understand anything in there ^^;; Except factoring... <3 factoring [okay, so I'm a freak, fuck you too :P]
But I've kinda already DUMPED Chemistry for my next semester, sooo, I'm kinda already fux0red as far as that shizits is concerned... BLAR.
I'll have to re-take the shizits in college or whatever, grrar! TCC here I come. BLAH.
ANYWAY... wow... I'm enthused... I'm going to have an art class next semester, a class that I can just... blatantly work on my website for about three weeks in the beginning and then HOPEFULLY learn C++ [rumor has it that it's a super slack class where you don't learn anything... believe me... I WILL get something out of that class... damn it], get rid of my English credit, and my last German class :D I'm so enthused ^^
Kay... I'm going to be silent now... and go and try and contact some chick about her ADORABLE art that I want to use on my website... bloOp...
Kay bye :D

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[ winter break is almost over :( ] [30 Dec 2002|01:57pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Seems like my entire winter break's been spent outside of my house for the most part.
December 20 : Spent the day with Nick and Anjle[strangeasanjles] and ran into Kris at MacArthur, then spent the night at Anjle's
December 21 : Was informed about my present to go to see Kenny[elitegrunt] for Christmas the next day; packed to leave
December 22 : Left for Raleigh
December 23 : [in Raleigh]
December 24 : [in Raleigh] came home from Raleigh; spent the evening out with Holly doing the coal shizits; hung out at Melody's[kewtsickle]; slept at home
December 25 : Did normal family related events; spent the night at Ori's[industragthchik] with Gabe[oozerooo]
December 26 : Went to the club with Ori and Gabe; ran into lots of normal club people; spent the night at Ori's
December 27 : Came home; slept at home
December 28 : Went out with Nick and Anlje; spent the night at Anjle's
Decemver 29 : Hung out at Anjle's; went home and did some chores; left and spent the night at Ori's and made some hair
December 30 : Well that's today... I'm hanging out at Ori's... then I'm gonna go home and do some shizits... and... yeah
Tomorrow I'm spending the night at Nick's for a New Year's shindig ... WOOT... :D
And... then the day after IS NEW YEARS... Gah... which means the following day is ...
This winter break has went by far too quickly... gimmie some more timeeeeee
k back to making this bloO hair :D tschus

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1-800-suicide [28 Dec 2002|07:05pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I found the greatest thing in the world today...
an entire roll of _________________, I'm going to make a skirt out of it, and I think Anjle[strangeasanjles] might too :)


If I post what the said material is, someone might copy me... SHITTTTTTTT MUFFUCKA!

See you guys later, going on a short trip :D
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[events for the day... bah] [23 Dec 2002|08:41am]
[ mood | sick ]

go on the internet{complete}
call my parental unit part 1{complete}
wake up my parental unit part 2
go to grand-parental unit's place of residence
consume random-ness
go to the pink-ness'[industragthchik] home
consume italian stuff

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[shut up] [22 Dec 2002|09:44pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

Stop being so fucking gothic and quit your whining. I don't want to hear about how you're going to die in a dark pit of darkness and how you'll have been deprived of sex for too long...

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[ramblings pertaining to raleigh] [22 Dec 2002|09:35pm]
[ mood | numb ]

Raleigh is... a chaotic place...
Too much traffic.
I saw Kenny[elitegrunt], and Beth[leapielee]... it was fun. I smiled a lot.
I was sad when I left.
Anjle[strangeasanjles] went with us... we saw Nick. He was staying in Duram with his mother at his brother's house.
We watched the Nightmare Before Christmas and Tank Girl. <3
I drew one picture on the way there and still haven't finished it.
My mom locked us [Kenny, Nick, Anjle and myself] out of the hotel room and we stayed in the ice room while she went out to dinner w/o us.
Some random person screamed "OH MY GOD, GOTHSSSSSSSS!" out their window at us when Nick, Anjle, and I ran across the street from our hotel to go to the BP gas station for some sodie-pop :D
Kenny gotta hair cut XD AhhHHH... :D
>:o He called me a raver!
I gave Beth all of my Diamanda Galas CDs...
I came home. We left Nick in NC... he's staying til Friday [bastard]. Anjle and I were sad chix0rs.
I guess I should try to perk up. It's Christmas, and I get shit for free.

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