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[ramblings pertaining to raleigh]

Raleigh is... a chaotic place...
Too much traffic.
I saw Kenny[elitegrunt], and Beth[leapielee]... it was fun. I smiled a lot.
I was sad when I left.
Anjle[strangeasanjles] went with us... we saw Nick. He was staying in Duram with his mother at his brother's house.
We watched the Nightmare Before Christmas and Tank Girl. <3
I drew one picture on the way there and still haven't finished it.
My mom locked us [Kenny, Nick, Anjle and myself] out of the hotel room and we stayed in the ice room while she went out to dinner w/o us.
Some random person screamed "OH MY GOD, GOTHSSSSSSSS!" out their window at us when Nick, Anjle, and I ran across the street from our hotel to go to the BP gas station for some sodie-pop :D
Kenny gotta hair cut XD AhhHHH... :D
>:o He called me a raver!
I gave Beth all of my Diamanda Galas CDs...
I came home. We left Nick in NC... he's staying til Friday [bastard]. Anjle and I were sad chix0rs.
I guess I should try to perk up. It's Christmas, and I get shit for free.
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