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[ winter break is almost over :( ]

Seems like my entire winter break's been spent outside of my house for the most part.
December 20 : Spent the day with Nick and Anjle[strangeasanjles] and ran into Kris at MacArthur, then spent the night at Anjle's
December 21 : Was informed about my present to go to see Kenny[elitegrunt] for Christmas the next day; packed to leave
December 22 : Left for Raleigh
December 23 : [in Raleigh]
December 24 : [in Raleigh] came home from Raleigh; spent the evening out with Holly doing the coal shizits; hung out at Melody's[kewtsickle]; slept at home
December 25 : Did normal family related events; spent the night at Ori's[industragthchik] with Gabe[oozerooo]
December 26 : Went to the club with Ori and Gabe; ran into lots of normal club people; spent the night at Ori's
December 27 : Came home; slept at home
December 28 : Went out with Nick and Anlje; spent the night at Anjle's
Decemver 29 : Hung out at Anjle's; went home and did some chores; left and spent the night at Ori's and made some hair
December 30 : Well that's today... I'm hanging out at Ori's... then I'm gonna go home and do some shizits... and... yeah
Tomorrow I'm spending the night at Nick's for a New Year's shindig ... WOOT... :D
And... then the day after IS NEW YEARS... Gah... which means the following day is ...
This winter break has went by far too quickly... gimmie some more timeeeeee
k back to making this bloO hair :D tschus
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