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[incessant ramblings #892374238904]

{{{ ORI![industragthchik]... :( Did I leave my postal goggles at your house? Along with that velvet peasant top thing? Grr grrr... because I know I'd left the shirt there before, but I can't find my goggles with the stars on 'em now :[ Blar. If so, I'll just get 'em like... on Friday when the two of us are supposed to hang out with Corey[tinhalo]. BloOp.. k, your portion of the entry is over now :D <33333333 }}}

Anyway! Today is New Years Eve. I'm supposed to be excited about this... and you know what, I AM... know why? After this week... I'll have like... THREE WEEKS left of this bloody semester, then I'm outta there, kapoo-ey... blam... GOODBYE ALGEBRA II!
Kathy [Ori's mum] says that I should re-take it in summer school... but I'm a loooserrr, I can't GRASP math, I'd have to retake Algebra I in order to pass Algebra II I think, since... I don't understand anything in there ^^;; Except factoring... <3 factoring [okay, so I'm a freak, fuck you too :P]
But I've kinda already DUMPED Chemistry for my next semester, sooo, I'm kinda already fux0red as far as that shizits is concerned... BLAR.
I'll have to re-take the shizits in college or whatever, grrar! TCC here I come. BLAH.
ANYWAY... wow... I'm enthused... I'm going to have an art class next semester, a class that I can just... blatantly work on my website for about three weeks in the beginning and then HOPEFULLY learn C++ [rumor has it that it's a super slack class where you don't learn anything... believe me... I WILL get something out of that class... damn it], get rid of my English credit, and my last German class :D I'm so enthused ^^
Kay... I'm going to be silent now... and go and try and contact some chick about her ADORABLE art that I want to use on my website... bloOp...
Kay bye :D
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