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[texas #15]

Ok, so I don't have time to really chatter and update, but I will tonight or something before I go to bed...
We're back from Rockport...
Char and I made up... we talked, and... well... she and I both feel like our friendship has sort of... washed out... but... that doesn't mean we can't be friends -- which is good obviously.

I still love her. But the relationship is different than it has been the past two years. We've both grown seperate ways and it's good I guess..

It's kind of sad. But I'm glad that we're changing. That's healthy. Not changing is sort of... bizarre. :)

Otherwise... I really miss Anjle[strangeasanjles], Kenny[elitegrunt], and Nick[jclookslikeme] :/

I get Sunday around noon at the airport... do any of youuuu want to seeeeeee me, lack of communication is saddening, whee...

Especially when you feel like someone doesn't want you to be here... but I don't feel like that anymore.

! Got a new sketchbook !

And I'm also getting that Buzz Lightyear purse tonigh or tomorrow :) I'm enthused.

Love you guys!
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Public Service Announcement from Fark.com that is actually sort of important, I guess... (not sure which brand you use)


gaaaah, miss you, etc.

Wish you could be HERE for this wonderful weekend of NO PARENTS...
Thanks, but I don't take that :) I asked Char what kind she took -- and that's not hers either, but thanks for the link anyway <3

I miss you tooooo <3<3

Grr, I want to be there so bad... I don't want to be here anymore :'(
I wanna see Pam. Give me a call when you get in. We'll go have fun or something.
Okee :)
Anjle told me what that girl said. youre a bigger person than i am, i would have stabbed her with something dull over and over again. I mean, WTF kinda right does she have saying that to you?!?!!?
SCREW her and her money. she can go to hell.

im sorry im pissed now
Hah. HEY... was that a reminder that I'm fat!? O_o -raaahs at you-
aaaaaaaaa!!! No fat!!! grrrr...... >.