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der Spiegel

My Vanity + Promotions

Operational Unit Pam
27 February
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This is a journal for the sole purpose of posting art, promoting local and online events, posting pictures, and online auctions.

If you wish to view my on-line journal, I'm now located at [synunoi]. The journal is friends only, however, if you leave a comment, and add me, there's a possibility that I may add you back.

This is a public forum. Those that add me, will be added back.
#ev, *heart*kenny*heart*, alienware computers, angled bobs, angnositicism, anti-pew, art, artificial intelligence, asl lollolz roflmao, barcodes, bats, being a pretentious bitch, big hair, blankets, blenders, bobble heads, body mods, bracelets, caffeine, cartoons, cats, cheese, chrome blenders, chrono trigger, circuit bending, clubbing, coffee, collars, colored hair, comics, compuers, creativity, cruxshadows, cyberdog, cybergoth culture, dancing, depression, deviant art, dextromethorphanhbr, dollies, drawing, ebm, edward gorey, engel, eyeliner, fake hair, fashion, fight club, final fantasy iii, friends, games, genetic engineering, german language, goggles, going out, gothic pizza nights, grooving, guns, h.r. giger, half-life, hanzel und gretyl, happiness, house of leaves, hugs, human cloning, idm, industrial, intelligence, internet, jthm, kennys comics, kisses, large eyes, large stompy platform boots, laserguns, liberation, loud music, love, magenta, markers, microns, mind-altering substances, mindless self indulgence, missy elliot, monopoly, mp3s, music, nailpolish, neon, nerds, nightmare before christmas, nny, no school, noize, pandas, par-teez, philosophy, photography, pigtails, pillows, power puff girls, radiohead, rainbow brite, ramen, reading, requiem for a dream, robots, sex0r, sharpies, shopping, skinny puppy, skirts, sleep, sleep deprivation, sneaky bat machine/goteki, sound, spice girls, spikes, stickers, striped stockings, summer time, swings, synthetic hair, taking pictures, techno, technology, telephone cords, tim burton, tom cruise, toys, trance, traveling, trimmer line, trippin, uv, video games, vinyl, violence with blenders, william gibson, writing, z?